Engaged in people, believing in the best in everyone, and attempting to bring a smile to a stranger’s face every day.

I was born in 1978, has 3 wonderful children, and the most charming grandchild. The oldest of the children has left home to settle his own family.

From my base in eastern Herning, Denmark, i enjoy life with everything it includes. It is also from here I am creative with subjects like

Personally i struggled mentally through a number of years with post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar affective mental disorder and everything it includes. I have written a number of post on my BLOG pages about that – some are translated to English (or see the Danish BLOG posts)

These diagnoses does affect my daily life, but you can read how it challenged my existence and required both changes and attention before reaching my current situation with a university degree and with stabile and safe daily life.

From time to time i offer coaching based on NLP (neuro linguistic programming), though it is not an open offer. I have not charged anyone in years, but i do enjoy offering it as an option, when the need occurs.

Feel free to contact me.

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