References after coaching

References from the woman, who thought she lacked connection to the groundm but in reality needed to redefine herself

“I write to tell you, that I have developed like crazy since your visit. My self respect has reached the sky, and i have turned my back on the people nagging me. Their response is to ‘shrink a bit’ and are barely as harsh as before. They cannot bully me any more. 

In regards to communicating with my boyfriend, we’ve also moved far. Your question to define ‘a home’ – which picture it calls for with me and him respectively – has been very important to me.

Thank you for the good excercises I/we received, and thank you for spending the time on me.”

Quote by client M

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References from the woman, facing the break of relationship of her liftime

“I promised to give you an update after the vacation. [Boyfriends name] and I chose after 3 long weeks apart, to fight for our relationship, So we are all back in the house, and it is nice. I would like to give you a thousand thanks for choosing to help a complete stranger, who really needed help. 

What you taught me most of all is, that I cannot let go of myself, and i must use energy rebuilding myself to the version i want to be. 

You are very cool in my eyes, and i have the greatest respect for you.

Det du har lært mig allermest er, at jeg ikke må give afkald på [eget navn] & jeg skal bruge min energi på at bygge mig selv op til den version jeg ønsker at blive.

Du er sgu mega sej i mine øjne & jeg har stor respekt for dig.”

Quote by client L

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