Roaring Bear

Why the bear? My middle name is Bjørn = Danish for bear, and i love that connection.

The website of the roaring bear is about openness, honesty, observation and communication. I react to what i see and i write about personal issues, when i find that it could have interest to the world around me. In the broadest sense, i care deeply for communication.

Latest COVID19 / Corona updates

  • Bars and restaurants ready to open
    Yesterday a political agreement were made resulting on the following: Wednesday 21st April Students at universities outside the capital Copenhagen and similar level of education: can be offered up until 30% onsite teaching. can be tought at outdoor locations beyond the 30% Restaurants, cafes, bars etc can open to indoor serving Tables MUST be booked…

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  • Grand opening of Denmark
    2 days ago 9 of 10 political parties in the Danish parliament agreed on the plan below.This update will include: The overall plan The decision of Aarhus University Corona passport; how, when and where? Borders and traveling The vaccine from AstraZeneca Corona tests in Herning Links to more information The overall plan Date (from) Areas…

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Why does the Roaring Bear care about COVID19 and Corona?

The Corona virus COVID19
Corona virus COVID19. Illustration by Fusion Medical Animation

For the time being, my website has also become a COVID19 update center. The target group of these updates are my fellow students – mainly with international background – at Aarhus University, Institute of Business and Technology in Herning. Much of the info we receive through the media from our authorities are irrelevant to them, while other parts are extremely important. The jungle of information can be dense and hopeless, so i follow all press briefings etc. from authorities and study the media with the intent to filter the parts that are most important to this small group of people.

Coaching – You do it your way!

Coaching to me is both big and small. It is life-affirming, an asset and the most basic and elementary. My coaching is based on the NLP principals in which I am certified NLP practitioner and NLP master. But i use it with a twist of myself, the methods I find most useful and decorated with my broad experience through a childhood in abuse, violence and neglect, years as a prison guard and my personal development through sickness and health, stability and chaos.

Within coaching my experience cover addiction and abuse, values, relationships, inner balance, work challenges, stress, mental illness and setting goals.

Blogging comes and blogging goes

It varies quite a lot how much i use my blog. Since the summer of 2018 I’ve been studying at Aarhus University for a bachelor of science in Economics and Business administration (international) followed by a Master in IT and Communications (Danish). In this time, my need for writing has been satisfied by the homework and assignments.

Blogging is, however, important to me. It is giving, liberating, creating, developing and healing.

For the same reason my blog have multible purposes. The therapy in writing of feelings, thoughts, memories, and challenges has kept me going through some rough times. If it simultaneous can contribute to breaking down just a pinch of the taboos in the population, then that is mission complete for me.