Bars and restaurants ready to open

Yesterday a political agreement were made resulting on the following:

Wednesday 21st April

Closed restaurants and cafes, Photo by Mika Baumeister
Closed restaurants and cafes, Photo by Mika Baumeister
  • Students at universities outside the capital Copenhagen and similar level of education:
    • can be offered up until 30% onsite teaching.
    • can be tought at outdoor locations beyond the 30%
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars etc can open to indoor serving
    • Tables MUST be booked in advance
    • Valid Corona passport must be shown
    • Last service is at 22:00 and closed by 23:00
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars etc can open to outdoor serving without requirement og a valid corona passport
  • Large sized malls and shopping centers can open
  • Museums, art institutions and libraries can open
    • Valid Corona passport must be shown
  • Graduating students at various educations can be offered up until 80% onsite teaching
  • More sport will open indoor for people below age 18 or above age 80
  • Soccer matches in the leagues will be open to spectators under certain restrictions
    • Valid Corona passport must be shown
    • All spectators must be registered properly to enable tracking in case of infections
  • Indoor religious services are expanded, but without singing

Clubs and discos are not part of the opening.

Festivals are not yet part of the opening, but negotiations are expected next week.

Restrictions in crowd gathering

Currently the restrictions are 5 indoor and 10 outdoor

21st April1050
6th May2575
21st May50100
11th June100no restrictions
1st Augustrestrictions cancelledrestrictions cancelled
These restriction changes must before each step be individually approved by the political parties in this agreement.

The restrictions in crowd gatherings are related to the defined “small gatherings”, not large scale gathering. The latter are subject to future negotiations.

Flight landing in the sunset. Photo by Etienne Jong
Flight landing in the sunset. Photo by Etienne Jong

Traveling restrictions

New political agreements earlier this week. It does mention “exchange students“, but it is currently unclear if they actually mean “international students“.

Please view the official Corona website that will be updated.

Social distancing

Starting today the requirement of 2 meters distance has been changed to a recommendation of minimum 1 meter, and where possible 2 meters. During singing, shouting or physical activity 2 meters are still required.

Testing at AU Herning

Starting Tuesday 20th April 2021 self-testing is available at campus.


Denmark has chosen to remove the AstraZeneca vaccine from use after serious and possibly fatal side affect observations in Denmark, Norway and Austria. Furthermore, the J&J vaccine is currently at a stand-still by the company itself due to new side affect observations in the USA.

Photo by Korie Cull on Unsplash


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