Grand opening of Denmark

2 days ago 9 of 10 political parties in the Danish parliament agreed on the plan below.
This update will include:

  • The overall plan
  • The decision of Aarhus University
  • Corona passport; how, when and where?
  • Borders and traveling
  • The vaccine from AstraZeneca
  • Corona tests in Herning
  • Links to more information

The overall plan

Date (from)Areas that can open
6th April 2021Further opening of elementary schools
Youth and adult educations return 50% of time
Higher educations:
– high degree of practical elements: Students can return 50% of time
– Others: 20 of the time
Liberal services (hairdressers, tattoo artists etc.)
13th April 2021Shopping centers up to 15,000 m2
21st April 2021Shopping centers larger than 15,000 m2
Outdoor serving at restaurants and cafés – ¤ –
Museums, art galleries, libraries – ¤ –
Indoor organized sports (age 0-17). Sports types unknown (– ¤ –)
6th May 2021Indoor serving at restaurants, cafés, konference centers, venues, theatres, cinemas and other culture related facilities – ¤ –
Indoor sports (age 18+) sports types and restrictions unknown – ¤ –
21st May 2021Other sports, leissures, and association activities – ¤ –
Indoor facilities at amusement parks, Zoo, Play and tumbling, “Daghøjskoler”, Evening schools – ¤ –
– ¤ – Use of Corona passport will be required

All activities are subject to institutional, local, kommune, region and national delays or quick/emergency lockdowns, should the health authorities require it.

The decision from Aarhus University

Aarhus University has earlies announced that the rest of the current semester will be continued online. Very few classes will be taught onsite, and only when lab requirements or other special circumstances speaks for it.

The university also announced, that the continued online teaching this semester would continue whether the authorities allowed for opening or not.

It is currently in progress to update the exam plans for the summer and we should expect a high degree of online exams. Updated exam plan is published as soon as possible after Easter.

Corona passport; how, when and where?

The company NetCompany has been selected to develop a digital Corona passport. It will to begin with be implemented in the App “MinSundhed” where you can already check the result of your PCR corona tests taken in Denmark. The Corona Passport will be based on at least three factors:

  • COVID19 / Corona Vaccine received
  • Healthy after an infection of COVID19 / Corona virus
  • Tested within the latest xx hours/days

If one choose not to accept a vaccine, it is likely that frequent testing will be required for months to come.

Borders and traveling

Currently all countries worldwide are “in red”, meaning all travelling is adviced against. Entry into Denmark is limited. Se more at

The vaccine from AstraZeneca

Due to observation of possible serious side effects with the risc of death, the Danish health authorities decided to pause the use of this vaccine 2 weeks ago. On the 25th of ‘march that pause was prolonged by 3 weeks for the time being. Denmark will continue to receive the vaccines from AstraZeneca so in case the use is reassumed, it is possible to vaccinate a high number of people to catch up for the lost time. If the vaccine is refused, it will cause changes to the COVID19 vaccine calendar.

Corona tests in Herning

It is currently possible to be tested at the following locations in Herning:

PCR test
Holingknuden 2
7400 Herning
Booking of test is required

Antigen quick test
Merkurvej 1A (high rise office building, entrance K)
7400 Herning
No booking possible

Further information of test centers is available at the Corona COVID19 infection site.

Links to more information

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