COVID19: Partial reopening of Denmark

This status will focus on:

  • Stores
  • Aarhus University in Herning
  • Traveling restrictions


Most stores with areas of up to 5000m2 (not in shopping centers) can open from Monday 1st March. A range of restrictions to the staff and customers will follow.


It is announced, that graduation classes at elementary schools, high schools and adult educations in North- and West Jytland can open from Monday 1st March.

There are though 4 absolute unclarities to us:

  1. Will Herning in this case be considered West Jutland or not? (West Jutland is no longer a clear indisputable geographic area).
  2. At other restrictions announcements, universities have followed “Adult education”. It is unclear, if that is still the case.
  3. Will 6th semester bachelor, 4th semester candidate of other final semester students be considered graduating students (I gave not yet seen a useful answer to this).
  4. Will Aarhus University choose to open the Herning department – Department of Business and Technology, BTECH – when campus Aarhus is continued closed? And will they moved up the opening before the current announcement (after easter)?

These are unanswered questions.I did though stumble over a comment from the Minister of Education saying:

“If the schools open for physical appearance it will no longer include an offer of online teaching”.

Minister of Education in Denmark Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen

It is taken a bit out of context, as it was her answer to a question relating “if some student refuse rapid testing”, and she likely won’t decide what AU does.

Travelling restrictions

All traveling outside Denmark is ill advice by the authorities. That is prolonged -i think – until end of April. The entry restrictions have been slightly adjusted since my last checkup. Please see the link for more info.

What now?

We will wait and see how the openings are understood, and to see if some of us are on the way back to school or not. Sorry for the vague info today, but this was the clearest I could get.

Wish you all the best!
Stay strong and stay healthy

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