COVID19: Very strict travel restrictions

Warning very strict travel restrictions!

UPDATED 10.01.2021 10:00: 》After the final law text is published, the Corona website says that entry into Denmark by land (not flight!!) Is possible for residents and citizens of Denmark without a negative test.《

Starting tomorrow 9th January @17:00 all entry into Denmark – also for Danish residents and Danish citizens – require a negative Corona test, that is NO MORE THAN 24 HOURS OLD.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

Besides that, anyone but Danish citizens and Danish residents (publicly registered address in Denmark) will be rejected by the border – even if you are to study in Denmark. Few exceptions apply.

All airlines are obligated to control all passengers for a negative Corona, and the flight is not allowed to take off towards Denmark with even one passenger that haven’t been checked. Airline and flight staff that does not live up to this responsibility CAN be subject to a prison sentence up to 2 years.

Furthermore ALL TRAVEL out of Denmark are strongly advised against. The entire world is now “in red”.

This link for is currently under update, but will include details when updated.

Notice: it does NOT have to be a PCR test. Those antigen / quick tests with 15 or so min’s answer is enough. Though notice there MIGHT be even more strict restrictions regarding any travel from or through South Africa an Great Britain.

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