COVID19: Extension of restrictions

All restrictions are extended until end of February.

“Opening up will begin no earlier than some time in March, perhaps later, and opening will be slow and prioritized, where young kids return to school will be first priority and night life will be among the last.”

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen

A work group with economists, virology experts and many other released a report in January with recommendations for the reopening:

High priority:

  • 0-4th grade students (may return to school before 28th February)

Middle priority:

  • Oldest elementary school students (having exams coming)
  • Rest of elementary school
  • Youth and adult students
  • Retail shopping▪︎Shopping centers/malls
  • Liberal services (hair dressers, massage etc)
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Offices
  • Culture and sports
  • Gathering restrictions from 5 to 10

Lowest priority:

  • Bars and night life

But infection numbers are dropping

Yes the number of infections with the original virus is dropping, but the mutation B-117 (“the British variant “) is increasing. The B-117 is expected to take over the original variant mid-February. It is more infectious and some early studies indicated a potential higher death rate.

Missing vaccines

One approved vaccine producer and one expected to be approved tomorrow will deliver less than expected for some time, but with the current expectations all Danish citizens will be finished vaccinated by 4th July. Most of those reading this are in the last group to be vaccinated (group 12 – May-July). Vaccination offer will be sent to your

Can I access the university

Short answer: no! If you buy books from Stakbogladen Birk, those books can be picked up Tuesdays and Thursdays within a timeslot. But notice only access is through the front door by calling Heidi from the reception (see number at the door). You will not be allowed to use other facilities.Only exceptions are a few classes that require access to laboratories. Those relevant will receive specific information.

When will we return to Uni?

It is harder and harder to make a qualified guess. Aarhus University already announced to all (au-mail) that there will be online teaching only until at least 1st April. Whether we will return then is absolutely uncertain. 2 month ago I expected we would have some of the semester at campus, but currently I have doubts.If we are allowed back there is very little doubt that it will be under heavy restrictions of various types.

What can I do now?

Patience is probably the key word. So mask up, keep in touch with friends and family, and let us call and write each other much more than usual. Please remember that the isolation strikes with different consequences, and some may experience very hard mental unstability at this time. If you have not heard from a class mate for along time, please reach out and let us try to support each other through this very rough period.

// We might be socially distanced, but we must step up and stand together //

Jesper Bjørn Schlæger

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