COVID19: Border control – in the eyes of an international students

Are you a current or future international student in Denmark?

Are your documents in order, and do you have an ACTIVE CURRENT address in Denmark?📑🏠

Photo by CDC on Unsplash
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

If not, the first students in that situation have already been refused at the borders and sent back at own expense. ⛔🛂✈ Don’t take the chance – you WILL likely be refused entry.

Documentation, that you are a student apparently is NOT enough! Lack of your residency documentation is the deal-breaker – based on the first experiences 🛑 Yellow card is not necessarily enough (if the police’s it system cannot confirm residency). Temporary residence permit as student is only useful if followed by housing documentation.

I ASSUME this goes for any entry; by air, land or sea. 🪂🛼🛶Don’t you have documented residency, my best guess is to contact your city office (kommune) for advice, your local embassy or potentially of course your student councilor.

Disclaimer: all info in this post are based on actual experiences under current COVID19 restrictions. Info is NOT based on public information, websites or press briefings!!

Disclaimer, by Jesper Bjørn Schlæger

Experience from a fellow student

Hi Jesper!
I’m contacting you because me and my friend, Máté entered Denmark on Saturday at around 9pm by car. Of course we both have yellow cards, which they asked for. Furthermore they asked if the car was mine, which it was, and if i have permission to drive it. Then the border policeman check something in his device, I guess based on our cpr number he did a check. I have a job, but Máté doesn’t, he’s just a student. They didn’t ask for a negative test and they let us in after around 1 minute. Maybe this info will be useful for someone out there ☺️

From: Bozsik Benedek – thanks for sharing 💖🇩🇰

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