Have your tonsils removed – what happens then?

Anathomy of the mouth

Thursday, October 4, 2012, I had appointment at Esbjerg Hospital i Denmark to have my tonsils removed. At the age of 33, it was with some concern I went into it, because the findings online were limited, in regards to the healing period after removed tonsils and the limited information…

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Caught in a glass bell – the dark side of antipsychotic medicine

Jeg er fanget i en glasklokke

I am living inside a glass bell, devoid of clear emotions and feelings. Since my total breakdown in November 2014, I have received antipsychotics in various types and amounts. But since the very first prescription side effects have become a dominating part of my daily life. The one worst side…

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Bars and restaurants ready to open

The Corona virus COVID19

Yesterday a political agreement were made resulting on the following: Wednesday 21st April Students at universities outside the capital Copenhagen and similar level of education: can be offered up until 30% onsite teaching. can be tought at outdoor locations beyond the 30% Restaurants, cafes, bars etc can open to indoor…

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Grand opening of Denmark

Closed restaurants and cafes, Photo by Mika Baumeister

2 days ago 9 of 10 political parties in the Danish parliament agreed on the plan below.This update will include: The overall plan The decision of Aarhus University Corona passport; how, when and where? Borders and traveling The vaccine from AstraZeneca Corona tests in Herning Links to more information The…

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COVID19: Change in restrictions

Stop! Social distance during Coron COVID19 pandemic, Photo by Artem Kniaz

Last night the Parliament agreed on a number of reductions in restrictions in Denmark. Outside gathering is now allowed up to 10 people. Inside is still 5. In relations to sports, the number is 50 people (outside). Various schools are allowed to open more or less, but no announcements related…

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COVID19: AU announcement

Sad girl alone by the window in an empty apartment

COVID19 update: Inspiration needed… See below… Update from Aarhus University today (see AU mail).Basically the message is online classes and exams until summer independent of possible lifted restrictions. If restrictions are reduced SAA may be able to complete certain academic-social activities. If that will be the case, what activities would…

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International students refused entry

Flight landing in the sunset. Photo by Etienne Jong

International students at AU: “International AU-students entered Denmark illegally to get study residence permit.” It is written in Danish only, but I hope Facebook or Google can provide you with a reasonable translation… Read the article at omnibus.au.dk

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